Lakshmi Krishna Gold & Silver,Kannadiparamba-Kannur

Gold & Silver Metal Shilpi(PH:6235531731)-Dineshan Shilpi

Location: Lakshmi Krishna Gold & Silver metal shop is located at Kannadiparamba in Kannur District,Kerala. we “Lakshmi Krishna Gold & Silver ” is the renowned Manufacturer, & Supplier of a wide range of Gold metal Statues,Silver metaled Statues,Lamps,Artifacts,Pooja Articles & God Idols.We are one of the oldest and very famous Temple Metal works firm in Kannur District.

About Dineshan Shilpi:Dineshan Shilpi,belonging to a traditional Goldsmith family and he is a gifted sculptor.He is adept in Temple metal works using gold and silver.He is physically challenged and needs assistance while sitting,he can't walking.However,he can ride two-wheeler along with a pillion-rider.

His potential is utilised by numerous temples including the famous "Guruvayoor" temple.He has fulfilled many works in Temples in Kannur District notably the famous "MadayiKavu Payangadi,Mamanam Temple Irikkur,Sree Dharma Sastha Shiva Temple Kannadiparamba,Valluvan Kadavu Muthappan Temple,Kottali Koormba Bhagavathy Kavu,Kottanchery Puthiya Bhagavathy Kavu" Etc.He also finish ‘magudam’(crown) work for one of the Church situated in Thrissur District.Moreover he has scuipted Theyyam idols in many shrines located in the Kannur District.

Offered Products and Services : Being one of the most treasured and precious metals, gold and silver has been a popular choice of adornment for idols of gods and goddesses for years.Our offered products are widely appreciated by the clients for their features such as perfect finish,finely polished, crack resistance and durability.

We make Temple Prabhavali,Temple Puja Thali Set,Temple Right Spiral Shankh,Shankh Stand,Temple Peedam, Temple Kindi,Temple Chandan Bowl,Theyyam ornaments or adornments,Temple ‘magudam’ (crown) for gods and goddesses, Thiru Mugam & Thiruvayudham for gods and goddesses,Gold & Silver ideols of deities,Prathishtta Vighraham,Traditional Hindu Art and Crafts metal Items etc.

Nettipattam(Caparisons) :They had reasons too as Nettipattam is an ornament used in temples to decorate elephants while carrying the idols of deities. Nettipattam is a glittering ornament that keeps on the forehead of an elephant.Dineshan Shilpi also expert in Nettipattam(caparisons) works.

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Company Name:Lakshmi Krishna Gold & Metal
Phone Number:6235531731